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Sahar S. Sultan

Your Go-to-Girl for Business + Financial Services

A “Girl Friday” is a nickname that originates back to the character named “Friday” in Daniel DeFoe’s Robinson Crusoe novels. It came to mean a go-to person who could accomplish anything. It became “Girl Friday” in the time where female office assistants often took on a large variety of tasks. The Business Girl Friday Founder, Sahar Sultan, acquired the “Girl Friday” from her very first client Mr. Charles H. Wilkinson, Jr.

Mr. Wilkinson passed away in 2016; The Business Girl Friday received its name to honor his memory.

Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Sahar dreamed of being an accountant since childhood. Upon attending a “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” in the second grade, Sahar knew she wanted to work with numbers when she grew up. Math was easily her favorite subject in school, and when it came time to choose her degree, she knew she could turn her numbers passion into a career. She earned her BSBA in Accounting from Appalachian State University.

Sahar began her career as a Tax Accountant at a CPA firm. Opportunities soon began knocking at her door as she was recruited by a highly respected Investment Firm in Chapel Hill, NC as an Accountant within their Family Office Division. It was with the combination of Accounting and Family Office experience that she met Mr. Wilkinson, and the entrepreneur was born. As a retired, but still very active business owner, Mr. Wilkinson was able to impart priceless knowledge, trust, and expertise to his “Go-to Girl” and his “Girl Friday.”

Having grown up in Raleigh, Sahar loves being able to help small businesses in her hometown flourish and grow. She enjoys working within a variety of industries from oil & gas to beauty, medical to manufacturing, fitness to professional services and additional industries that have been knocking at her door.  When she’s not being “Numbers”, an affectionate nickname, Sahar enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, decorating and keeping up with industry trends.